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Ski Patrol Safety

Supported and trained by the British Assoc. of Ski Patrollers.

Welcome to Glenshee, we’re here to help you have a great day!

The following are some tips to help you get the most from your day.

  • The lift and hill staff at Glenshee will be happy to assist you during your visit. Should you need assistance from a ski patroller, contact can be made through the lift operator for the ski run you are on, at the medical room which is situated at the gable end of the ticket office building or via the staff in our cafes. Personnel at all these locations will have radio contact with the closest patroller or know how to contact them in an emergency. 

  • During the Snowsports season the patrolled area of the ski centre is clearly marked with boundary poles. Please be aware that any off-piste skiing or boarding out with this marked area, is done at skier's/boarder's own risk and skiing/boarding in the area within Glas Maol bowl is prohibited due to the risk of avalanches.

  • To help keep our pistes in the best condition we can, we operate a fleet of 5 Kassbohrer grooming machines. These and other maintenance vehicles will work throughout the day and night across the ski centre. Due to their size, the driver may not always be aware of you and we ask that you to give them a wide berth.

  • As part of our normal daily setup procedures we will check and mark every run at the start of the day and continuously monitor them for hazards as the day progresses. Please alert Ski Patrol/lift staff of any on piste hazards you discover, and we will assess and mark them as required.

  • Dogs, with the exception of search and rescue dogs, dogs are not allowed on runs or tow lines.

  • In the interest of safety children are not permitted on the runs in a Backpack or Chest Harness.

  • To prevent entanglement with tows and chairlifts, please check your clothing for loose items and straps which could get caught in lift mechanism.

  • Our drag tows are operated by an overhead cable system.  Please, Please…… remain directly under the cable and do not stray or swerve on ski tow up tracks. Slaloming up the track, jumping or pulling to one side pulls the cable off, stops the tows and causes delays for everyone whilst our maintenance team are called to relocate the cable.

  • Anyone skiing/boarding under the influence of drink or drugs or in a way that endangers others will have their ticket removed.

  • The International Ski Federation promote a number of rules for skier/boarder safety, and which are followed at Glenshee, these can be viewed; Here link to FIS website.


FIS Code Of Conduct


Avalanche Forecast

Weather and avalanche forecasts posted at Ticket office and Ski patrol daily.

Scottish Avalanche Information

Medium Level Forecast

BASP High Res Logo

Ski Patrol

Signs on the Hill

Caution Take care unknown hazard

Rocks Rocks or stones on the run

Stream Holes with burn underneath

Hazard Above Pomas or chairs above your head!

Dismount Here Get off the tow at this point

Slow Slow down here

Piste Closed Run closed due to lack of snow or general danger

Avalanche The slope below has a significant risk of avalanching

Ski Patrol

Poles on the Run

Black and Yellow

Hazard to be avoided, don't go between two poles!

Black, Red, Blue or Green

At side of runs to indicate grade of run

Neon coloured poles 

As above but help in bad visability

Ski Patrol



Make sure you and all uninjured parties are safe.

Secure the accident scene with crossed skis or people well above the accident.

Check ABC's of casualty

Get Help by sending a competent person to bottom of nearest lift where staff can radio a Patroller

Provide a clear indication of casualty's position

Do not move casualty unless there is an airway problem

Reassure and keep Casualty warm

If you witnessed the accident please wait till the ski patroller arrives and assist with information if required

Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen at Glenshee

Helly Hansen chat to Glenshee's Ski patroller - Nicola Barbour about what it means to be part of the ski patrol team, what challenges come with the job and what a day in the life is like, keeping our snow covered hills a safe place for skiers and snowboarders. 


Helly Hansen provide Glenshee Ski Patrol with support throughout the winter and play an important part in keeping our patrollers equipped for a season of patrolling our Scottish mountains. 


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What Three Words


what3words gives every 3m x 3m in the world a unique 3 word address. This one describes the precise entrance of the Tea@The Shee Base Cafe.


The what3words app is a location app that makes a map of the world into 3m x 3m boxes each with a 3 words name that will not change and can be translated into any language.

The app makes meeting up with people easier, especially in remote areas with no roadnames or landmarks. It is also a great way to guide emergency services to your location.

Download the app before you set off and use it to find your friends and family on the slopes. If you can't easily get help from a member of staff eg. if you are away from the lifts or in a thick mist use the app to find your location words and phone 013397 41320 ext.4


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Ski Patrol
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Ski Patrol

We are open cafe as normal 7 days a week and the chairlift will run weather permitting

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