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Ski Touring and Winter Walking

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Ski Touring and Winter Walking at Glenshee

At Glenshee we're delighted to welcome ski tourers, split boarders and walkers to the Ski Centre. As skiers, tourers and mountaineers ourselves we know the area is a great place for an off-piste adventure!

As a ski touring and walking destination, there are nine Munros within reach of our carparks, and with a bit more effort the potential for another seven further out across the Glas Maol plateau towards Lochnagar, giving the opportunity when conditions allow for some great Backcountry tours and winter walking.

To help ensure you get the most from your day when you are traversing through the ski centre, please read our FAQ’s and follow the advice provided by Mountaineering Scotland’s Snowsports touring code

Please be aware that during the winter season our slopes and carparks can be very busy and are limited by capacity. We monitor carparking and skier numbers daily for the safety of our customers and visitors. This is to try to ensure that they get the safest and best experience we can provide them.  By making Glenshee your walking or touring destination you are potentially making use of services which are provided and maintained by us, and we ask that you work with us to ensure everyone gets the most from their day.


Travelling into the backcountry!

It's important to remember, that when leaving the managed area of the ski centre and entering Backcountry terrain, it places all responsibility for safety and risk on the participant/s. If you are venturing into the Backcountry, you must understand this responsibility. and how snow conditions, weather and terrain choice all influence safe judgment.

Useful Information

For avalanche and weather forecasts there are boards in Ski Patrol or outside ticket office.

For further information go to the Scottish Avalanche Service.

Mountain Weather Information

Skimo Scotland - racing series 2024

Open to ski mountaineers, ski tourers, split boarders and telemarkers of all abilities, why not try taking part in a Skimo Scotland event this winter - SkimoScotland@Glenshee

What are backcountry snowsports?

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Ski Touring or skiing in the Backcountry loosely refers to any environment out with a ski resort boundary and terrain that is not pisted or ski patrolled.

Ski Touring and splitboarding are amazing ways to enjoy Scotland's Backcountry snow covered hills and mountains in winter.

If you are just starting out on your Backcountry experience, Snowsport Scotland provide some great advice on looking after yourself during winter and preparing for your day - Backcountry — Snowsport Scotland

What is the managed Ski Area?

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The managed ski area is any marked ski run and up lift within the ski centre boundary.

The ground within the ski centre boundaries at Glenshee are land which is set aside and managed for the recreational purpose of winter snow sports and governed by the Land Reform Act 2003 -


Piste Map

Do I need a Pass / Ticket for Ski Touring on the managed area at Glenshee?

Sometimes called Sidecountry skiing, if you have journeyed to Glenshee and intend to use any of the managed areas within the snow fencing and to ski/split board on the pisted runs, then we ask that you obtain a day, half day or ski touring ticket. 


We understand that you may be just starting out and at the beginning of your ski touring experience or maybe just after an easier start to your day, so we have created a ski touring ticket to help you get the most from your trip to Glenshee. Our Ski Touring ticket covers your carparking for the day and access to 4 uplifts to help you quickly clear the madding crowds. It also allows use of the pisted areas for downhill skiing/boarding whilst you are enroute or returning from areas out with the ski centre*. 


If you are looking to spend a bit more time on the marked runs to practice your downhill technique and come to grips with the bit that some find as the hardest part of ski touring! an all-day area ticket is available to purchase online and will give you uplift and downhill access to all the operating tows on the day. If you only have a few hours to spare in the afternoon and want to get some practice in, our half day ticket is also available and starts from 12.30pm.


*Ski tourers/split boarders with a touring ticket, day or half day ticket are reminded that if you are skinning uphill within the boundaries of the ski centre that you still need to remain outside the snow fences and managed areas to prevent conflict or collision with downhill snow sport traffic.


Downhill snowsport participant numbers are limited and monitored within the managed areas for safety, and we ask for your help by sticking to the Snowsport touring code to make Glenshee a safe snowsports destination.

What if I am Touring or Walking out with the managed areas and just want to park?

If you don’t intend to make use of the managed areas within the ski centre boundary during your day, but are parking at the ski centre, then we ask you help keep the access roads clear by parking responsibly within the main carparks and contribute towards your use of our carparking facilities.


During winter, day parking at the ski centre costs £4 and is payable online or in the base café. The cost of parking is included in the price of any lift pass. A choice of free parking is also available at the Sean Spittal Bridge, 1 mile to the north of the ski centre or at the Devil’s Elbow carpark, 1 mile to the south.


If you are basing your days activity around Glenshee, we ask you plan your day to remain outside of any operational snow fenced areas and to avoid accessing any up track (ski tow line) at any time, whether in operation or not*, and follow Mountaineering Scotland's  - Snowsports touring code


Please be aware that the ski centre can be a busy place, and to be vigilante and to give way to downhill snow sport traffic.


*During winter, up tracks or lift lines form part of the critical infrastructure of the ski centre and the snow base on them can at times be very fragile and easily damaged by unauthorised or inappropriate access.

What are the best ways to navigate my way through the ski centre?

To help you navigate through the ground within the ski centre boundary, please follow the routes below for walkers and tourers. The following links to the FATMAP App provide downloadable route maps –

West of the A93

Loch Vrotachan Route

East of the A93

Glas Maol Route

Due to the fickle nature of a Scottish winter, these may change in lean or poor conditions. If you are unsure on the day, please just ask the hill staff or ski patrol for advice.

Is Ski Touring or Walking with a dog permitted on the managed areas?

Sorry no.


Dogs, with the exception of SAR Dogs or whilst you are travelling on the Loch Vrotachan access track are not permitted on any of the managed areas (runs and tows).  We ask that you to keep your dog by your side and under control at all times and to use a lead when passing through the ski centre.

Is Ski Touring or Walking after hours permitted?

Yes. If you are returning or leaving the car park after dark and out with normal operating hours we ask you to continue to avoid all up tracks (lift lines) and any pisted slopes, which will have been groomed in preparation for snow sports the next day. Our operations are 24/7 during the winter period and on many of our runs we make use of steel winching cables during snow preparation. In the interest of safety, ski tourers, split boarders and walkers are asked to be aware that areas within the ski centre boundary can be being worked on at any time during the day or night and to be vigilant for warning signage and vehicles on the slopes.

I’m ski touring or walking, how can I get help if I have a problem?

Glenshee supports a full-time ski patrol team, which operates within the ski centre boundaries during the hours of normal business. The team carry radios, and can be contacted through our ticket office, cafés or mountain staff and will be happy to help you should you need assistance.


The telephone number for the ski centre is 013397 41320


Should you require help outside the ski centre boundary, please call 999 and ask for Mountain Rescue.

Our Staff are here to help

Our mountain staff are here to help

If you are unsure, just ask any member of the team


We are open cafe as normal 7 days a week and the chairlift will run weather permitting

See Daily Status for updates