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Summer at Glenshee

Cairnwell Chairlift

October operations


21st-25th Oct 

Due to windy forecast, low demand and staff constraints we will not routinely run the chair these days. However if you are desperate or have a big party please phone 013397 41320 ext 1 or 2 and we will see if we can accomodate your needs.

26th-27th Oct open weather permitting

Closed till snow comes after 27th Oct

Have warm clothes ready because even on a sunny day it can be chilly. Also on the odd occasion it will close at short notice due to wind, we will make sure you can get down safely.

The views are spectacular and if you are lucky you can spot the high mountain member of the Grouse family the Ptarmigan. 

Yummy cakes and hot drinks are served in our Tea @The Shee cafe along with cooler options on the hot days

  Single Return
Adult £6 £10
£5 £8
Family £17 £25
Bike £6 Day £20

Car & Motorbike Rallys

We are very happy to have food ready for groups and rallys if you book in advance by emailling


Summer Opening

The Tea@the Shee cafe is open daily 8.30am to 4.45pm.

The A93 Braemar Road, the highest A road in the UK, often featured in car programs, is a very popular route for car rallys and motorbike clubs. Our base cafe, open all year, is a perfect stopping point on the #Snowroads

Glenshee also offers outside catering contact if you would like to know how we can cater for your party.

Catering Team 2018

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Motel T-s
Ford GT 1 of 2 in Europe 2017
McLaren Original P1 2017
Top of Chair Panorama
Last of GlasMaol Snow May 2018

Cars, Bikes & Trucks

We love seeing the old and new at Glenshee. We have loads of space available for photo opportunities and you can take the chairlift up to get pictures looking down to the carpark.

Model T-s 23rd May 18
Motel T-s

FordGT - one of 2 in Europe up for a Promo Last Year
Ford-GT 2017

Original McLaren P1 from the Factory Value = Priceless
McLaren P1 Original

Peters Old 3 Wheel Drive Ural
Peters Ural