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Lift System at Glenshee

Glenshee has the most comprehensive network of Ski-lifts in Scotland with 3 Chairlifts, 4 T-bar surface lifts and 15 Poma style platter lifts.

All the lifts are self loading but with Lift attendants there to help if required. The lift attendants will assume that anybody approaching their lift is capable of using it, therefore it is up to you to ask for assitance.


Approaching a Poma Lift

Most of the Poma lifts here at Glenshee are of the self stacking detachable type where the Poms (towhangers) are stored at the Bottom Station until required.

The next Pom for use (A in the diagram) is stored in front of the main group of towhangers.

When you move forward to take the pom, pull it sideways towards you (to the right in the above diagram) which will activate the trip bar (B). There is a 1 second delay


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Summer Lift Opening Times

Poma lift emergency stop

Emergency Stop for Poma Lifts